International Women in Engineering Day (INWED17)

To celebrate the International Women in Engineering Day (INWED17) on Friday the 23rd of June, an exciting and informative morning of talks, networking opportunities with lunch and poster competition was held in Xfi Building  (building number 30), Business School, Streatham Campus, EX4 4PU. The event was chaired by Professor Stephen Eichhorn (see below, first two pictures), Head of Engineering. He spoke about the role of women in different engineering areas in this institution and how female leading researchers in Engineering are achieving extraordinary outcomes. After that, he introduced the first speaker, then there was a short brunch followed by the last speaker talk. At the end, the poster session winner ceremony was carried on to conclude the celebration of the Women in Engineering day.


Professor Raziyeh Farmani (see below, next two pictures) provided new insights into her work on hydroinformatics. She also shared her experiences as a woman studying and working in Engineering in Iran. She followed her dreams against her parents and the society. Nowadays, she is a successful researcher with a solid background in engineering.



After Professor Farmani gave her speech, a delicious banquet was provided to all participants before the next speaker talk. In this gap of 50 minutes, the judges Dr Maria Rosaria Marsico and Dr Prakash Kripakaran analysed all the posters displayed in the main Hall of Xfi Building (Bussiness School) and decided the three winners who were announced at the end of the event.

After this break, Professor Monica Craciun (see below, next two pictures) spoke about her past too, sharing her career journey in terms of where she studied and worked. She started her academic life in Romania, then stayed in the Netherlands and Belgium to do her PhD. She moved to Japan for a Postdoc position at the University of Tokyo and finally got a lecturership at the University of Exeter. She is one of the research leaders in the Graphene Center of Bath and Exeter. She finally shared her group main commercialised research line: GraphExeter.



Finally, the poster session ceremony chaired by Stephen took place. The winners (see picture below with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, respectively) in this competition were Charlotte Perrin (1st prize, £150), Kunyapat Thummavichai (2nd prize, £100) and Yan Xu (3rd prize, £50). This professional development activity is a Researcher-Led initiative that is is funded by the University of Exeter Researcher Development Team and CEMPS.



To see all the event pictures please use the following link: 

We would like to say thanks to seeing you there.
NWED Team (Dr Lola Ola, Pablo Martinez Pancorbo and Zahid Hussain).

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The first Nanocar Race in the world ended yesterday

Two days race by using NanoCars made by molecules has ended yesterday. The competition brought 6 teams from all over the world (USA, Japan, Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland and Austria) to the CNRS, the French National Center for Scientific Research, in which molecular machines compete on a nano-sized racetrack. These “NanoCars” or molecule-cars can have real wheels, an actual chassis… and are propelled by the energy of electric pulses! Nothing is visible to the naked eye, however, a unique electron microscope allows us to “see” what is going on in this amazing competition.

For a brief description watch the next video:

Check out the winner team here:

For further information here you have the official links:

NanoCar Race Official Website

NanoCarRace, the first-ever race of molecule-cars
Suivez l’actualité du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

“The Expanse” is expanding

I have to say that I am impressed with “The Expanse”. It is amazing to see how in a TV show the Drake equation is shown and debated with the Fermi Paradox in the last episode of this week (Episode 9, season 2). I really believe that the level of complexity and knowledge displayed in these science fiction space opera television series is going to make a difference for the future of the entertainment. The entire science community should be proud of this magnificent piece of art.

Wait… do you want to know more about what the Fermi Paradox is? Then watch the following video, it will blow your mind.

SPIE/OSA Exeter Student Chapter Workshop

uni exeter spie.png

On the Women’s Day, Alaina G. Levine came to Exeter to perform a career workshop for PhD students. Here you can see the pictures from the event.