Online Free Learning and Software


Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)” by the University of Michigan through the Coursera platform. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of programming with a high focus on Python.

Try Python” by Code School is a very straightforward way to learn all the basic commands in Python. This is a series of courses divided by levels, what will let you do the most appropriate one to your expertise.

Instant Python” by Magnus Lie Hetland is probably one of the best tutorials for you if you already know programming, but are a Python noob.

Anaconda” powered by Continuum Analytics® is an open data science platform that will let you run Python (and other languages) codes in a very elegant and powerful format. Easy to install, intuitive to discover, quick to analyse, simple to collaborate and accessible to all.

Deep Learning Toolkit for Medical Image Analysis” is a very promising Python package created by DLTK Contributors. DLTK is a neural networks toolkit written in Python, on top of Tensorflow. Its modular architecture is closely inspired by Deepmind sonnet and it was developed to enable fast prototyping and ensure reproducibility in image analysis applications, with a particular focus on medical imaging. Its goal is to provide the community with state of the art methods and models and to accelerate research in this exciting field.

The SIRF (Synergistic Image Reconstruction Framework) software” is an Open Source toolkit for the reconstruction of PET and MRI raw data. SIRF provides MATLAB and Python interfaces to these underlying reconstruction engines.

Index of Packages in Python” will give you an overall idea of all the different toolkits you can you do anything you want with Python.

Remember that “an important goal of Python’s developers is making it fun to use. This is reflected in the origin of the name, which comes from Monty Python, and in an occasionally playful approach to tutorials and reference materials, such as using examples that refer to spam and eggs instead of the standard foo and bar.”

Screen and Audio Recording

OBS Studio” is one of the best free and open source softwares for video recording and live streaming.